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Drinking Fountain Rock Tower

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The BioBubble Drinking Rock Tower allows the Reptile Drinking Fountain to stand freely on any flat surface, while imitating the natural environment of arboreal reptiles. Keeping well hydrated is essential for chameleons and the structure of this drinking fountain with rock tower is ideal for chameleons to have comfortable access to fresh, filtered water. The hand-painted details of the Drinking Rock Tower carry through the authentic details of rocks that would be found in nature and bring your pet’s habitat to life! Each ornament includes a printed card that tells a story of the resin's origin. Origins ornaments can be used in Aquariums, Terrariums and Home Decoration. This rock tower is designed to function with the BioBubble Drinking Fountain allowing hydration for small animals that prefer to drink running water Resin ornaments that bring amazing worlds to life Exquisite detail and color capture vivid realism